Mission During Covid-19 Lockdown In New Delhi

We are distributing food materials also checking the temperature to ensure safety and precaution.

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We at ‘Abhinav Samaj’ are one of Delhi’s largest operational Non-Profit registered Charitable Trust. At ‘Abhinav Samaj’ we believe that people are our principal asset and success will only come through creating an environment where people are nurtured and developed. To spearhead the outreach, we are looking for public support for service to the Elderly/underprivileged, Education, Medical-Aid, Food-Distribution, Grocery-Kits Distribution to needy.

Founder trustee of ‘Abhinav Samaj’ Sh.G.K.Gupta have been an officer in Revenue Department of Govt. of NCT of Delhi registering sale-purchase documents of properties. During his tenure in that department in year 2004 happened such a mind-blowing incident that a very old-age lady came in evening weeping who had sold her large property in Pitam Pura, a posh area of New Delhi at the instance of her ‘only’ son and the Sale-Deed of property was executed same day in afternoon. Her son was settled in U.S.A. and he promised to that lady to take her to U.S.A. to live with him and his family if she disposes the property and winds-up from Delhi. After collecting all the payments her only son left her in a taxi outside Delhi Airport saying he shall come within minutes after clearing some formalities and shall take her inside Airport.

After waiting for him for few hours she tried to contact him and to enquire from airport about her son. She was shocked to know her son already fled away to U.S.A. leaving her outside airport helpless, penniless with no alternative to seek for help from others or some orphanage. Of course it was a mind-blowing incident.

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Harassment Of Mother By Son


Our Mission

Charity for education

As books have a wonderful way of helping slum children development, within the world of books you can find imagination and creativity.

Feed for hungry elderly

We are serving the needy, hungry, and feeding them you may also help us and join hands together to feed them.

Home for homeless

We are in process to set up 100 beds own home for homeless your support can help us to provide shelter to needy.

community-based disaster preparedness

The first people to respond to a disaster are those living in the local community.They are the first to start rescue and relief operations.

Advocacy for Rights

We are helping senior citizens for their rights. Proving legal assistance to get their rights from Govt. and his/her family.

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Networking for Basic Needs

We do networking and collaboration with other NGOs, Service providers who are serving the elderly. We rescue people from the

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Assistance for better Life

We are ensuring to provide Socio-Psychological support to all who need it without any kind of discrimination of caste, colour,

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Urgent Cause

Food Distribution

An era of COVID-19 neglected and poor elderly are suffering a lot. We are reaching out this vulnerable group and distributing cooked meals and grains along with other necessity in slums/JJ Colonies in Delhi to help under-privilige/poor/un-imployed and migrating labour who have no work to earn livelihood. However we cannot change their life but atleast we can help them to some extent.

Donate for Protection

Face Mask, Soap or sanitizer is important to fight against COVID-19, We are distributing to needy/who have no money to purchase in slums/JJ Colonies in Delhi. We seek your sincere support to help us fight against pandemic Corona Virus by helping these pwople in slums/JJ Colonies who are the most suspected carriers of this pandemic.

Shelter for the Destitute Elderly

We are providing  Free shelter, Food, and Medical-Aid to destitute Elderly/senior citizens/warriors of the past disowned by their own children. We perform their last customs too according to their religion. We are helping them whatever way they need assistance our helpline is open all the time, irrelevant to caste, creed, and religion.

Become a Volunteer

We have plenty of opportunities for volunteering, serve the society with us as and when you have time. We guarantee your satisfaction with happiness